The most fundamental lesson that I have learned this year is about the grit. Once, I stumbled the TED talk video of Angela Duckworth detailing about the Grit and indeed it penetrates to my senses like magic. Why? Because I don’t have that perseverance attitude, which is the killing factor to reach the ladder of success. Sometimes, I was that type that once I don’t feel or like it, then I will say “good bye”.

About Grit

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Through Grit, I found out that our talent is not primarily the determining factor of success, but the personal commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve that success.

Through effort and perseverance to make things happen is what truly matters.

Application to the Real World

With the mindset of grit anything is achievable. Literally, as the year end approaches, I have personally set my goal that whatever it takes, the grit must be applied to my parenting and career molding life.

The Grit for Success
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