When you talk to people who are repeat customers to certain types of businesses, you will get a lot of different answers as to why those customers keep going back. In the end, the consensus answer would be that those customers are not sure why they keep going back; they just do. When you hear this answer, it means that those businesses are taking care of the little details that customers notice and appreciate. Those little touches are the things that customers see that help them to feel strongly about a business that offers great products and great customer service.

custom printed packaging tape

Professional Packaging

Retail businesses that ship using custom printed packing tape and colored boxes are always difficult to forget. Customers feel that the companies that invest in that kind of packaging care enough to make sure that each order is packaged and shipped properly. Professional packaging does not take much effort to offer, but it makes a lasting impression on clients.

Customizing The Paperwork

These days, all packing slips and invoices are printed by computer, which means there is no reason to not personalize everything a customer gets. Companies that take the time to put the customer’s name on all of the paperwork that is sent out make customers feel like their orders matter. Customizing order paperwork makes clients feel like the company is talking directly to them, and that goes a long way to establishing happy, repeat customers.

Including An Inspection Slip

Many companies have quality control associates who check each order before they go out to make sure the orders were packaged properly. If your company does this and you do not have each inspector put an inspection slip in the box, then you are missing out on a significant opportunity. When customers see an inspection slip in the box they receive, they automatically feel as though the company takes pride in what it ships and demands only the highest quality work.

In the business world, retaining clients is a very profitable activity. Some companies have extensive customer retention programs, while others do very little to make a customer feel special. It is the companies that work hard to impress customers by attending to the little details that wind up retaining clients and having a strong foundation of repeat business to work with.

Small Touches Your Customers Will Notice
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