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Are you pretty familiar with USANA Health Sciences company? It is a very famous company based in the United States of America founded by a scientist named Dr. Myron Wentz for their top quality supplements. In fact, they have expanded their market in different countries ( Japan, Europe, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, Colombia, United Kingdom, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia/New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan). Specifically, their product categories are the following:

 USANA Business Opportunity

Nutritionals:  This includes vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants all in many different forms.

Diet & Energy: This includes all the protein shakes, meal replacements and energy drinks.

Personal Care:  This includes all the skin care products, shampoo’s and other beauty stuff.

Would you like to shop now? You can visit my USANA shopping website. But hey, don’t forget to contact me to sign up as a preferred customer so you can get some discounts. The form is provided below.

New Innovation and Unveiled Tour

Just this August, in Canada, USANA unveiled their new innovative product called CellSentials™ (Core Minerals and Vita-Oxidant) – the triple-action cellular nutritional system. With that, from September 24–October 1 USANA’S top nutritional science and health experts will be touring the country during The InCelligence™ Unveiled tour to share their expertise with you in different areas in Canada: Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Quebec, Toronto and Montreal.

Free BDS Kits to Start Your Home-based Business

USANA BDS KITSNow for a good news—USANA is giving away BDS Kits to new Associates in Canada who will join the business between September 24 and October 1 and generate 200 or 400 SVP.

If you dreamed of building your own home-based business, be your own boss, work full-time or part-time, this your chance. The good thing I  like about USANA is we can decide how much we want to earn. Remember, there is no magic in a business industry. It takes time and it needs skills in order to succeed.

USANA Compensation Plan (please watch the video below)


(video embedded directly from USANAHEALTHSCIENCES YouTube)

 Interested to be a Business Owner or Simply a Preferred Customer to Avail the Whole Sale Price? 

If so, please fill up the form below so we can contact you and discuss further details. Rest assured that all personal information is kept strictly confidential and will not be sold or used for any purpose.

Take note: Preferred Customer (PC): receives Preferred Pricing on USANA’s products, but is not eligible to receive commissions when they share USANA with others.

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USANA Business Opportunity: Free BDS Kits During InCelligence™ Unveiled Tour in Canada

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