We got a complaint from our current tenant that the pressure of the water is unsatisfactory, meaning it is low. Apparently, we are using pressure or booster pump to pressurise the water, and it’s been installed there since we first occupied the house about 5 years ago. Despite of the pump burnt out, the repairs and the new purchases are the solutions we did after enjoying the good water pressure.

It is worth truly when you invest in the pump when the house you have purchased is located in the area where water is the main concern.

how to fix low water pressure

However, when low water pressure would arise, prior purchasing new water pressure pump or hiring the professional plumber, below are some suggested ideas that any home owners can do to eliminate the cost.

How to Fix Low Water Pressure Problem

1.      Check Your Water Pressure

         Identify whether all areas within your home have low water pressure such as kitchen, bathroom, outdoor faucets and the basement.

2.      Check the Pressure Reducing Valve and Water Shut Off Valves

Take note that the valve at the water meter can influence water pressure, even if it has been turned slightly it can certainly affect the water pressure.

3.      Find the Water Leak

         Check the bathroom in your home if the toilet has a leak.

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How to Fix Low Water Pressure Problem

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