Sword Collecting Tips for Beginners


In recent years, the hobby of sword collecting has exploded in popularity. No doubt part of that surge in popularity is due to the prominence of swords in so many computer games, cartoons and fantasy movies. Yet, there have always been sword collectors for as longs as there have been swords, and the hobby can be endlessly interesting, educational and fun.


Learn the Field


The first goal you should strive for in starting your collection is to familiarize yourself with the sword market. The field of collectible swords is very wide and the various parts that make up a sword are quite complex. You will want to learn the terminology identifying this sword-parts and be able to identify the difference between a tank and a hilt. Don’t worry, there are easy to read glossaries of sword terminology available in books and online.


Types of Swords


There are many kinds of collectible swords, ranging from fantasy swords, military swords, historical swords and antiques. The most expensive form of sword collecting is the antique ones since these are often both rare and old, with their rarity and age enhancing their value. However, replica swords or original ones made in modern times can vary widely in price and most are affordable to the average person.


Buying Swords


The big challenge for sword collectors used to be finding sword dealers and other collectors. Thanks to the World Wide Web, collectors and sellers of swords find it much easier to find the swords they want and to trade or sell to others. To familiarize yourself with the broad range of products and prices, browse the major websites that deal with swords. For example, to see the wares of one such dealer, click here.




Swords are pretty durable items. However, they do require a certain degree of care to maintain their top value. Always use steel hooks for hanging swords for display, as aluminum will encourage rust where the blade hits the hooks. Keep swords dry in a place with low humidity. Oils are available that you can coat the scabbards and sheaths with so that rust is discouraged. If rust does occur, let an expert restore it because the sword could be permanently damaged if not restored correctly.


Follow these tips and you will be off on a solid start with your sword collecting!
Sword Collecting Tips for Beginners
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