With the many volatile international conditions that exist today, many are looking for traditional and time-tested means to both prepare and invest for the future. That being said, precious metals are indeed just that–precious and of lasting value beyond their present market worth.


Historically, gold transcends the ages being the set currency of many nations. Moreover, gold jewelry in particular has other appealing features besides its bright, shiny allure.

A Means Of Survival
Traditionally, gold jewelry has served to help certain populations to not only survive, but prosper as well during tumultuous times. Many nationals can attest to having fled their native lands during periods of unrest and having to barely etch out a living in new lands. Their only wealth was the little gold jewelry they kept to provide security during times of crisis. People fleeing Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, China, India and Thailand somehow managed to leave with their accumulated gold holdings–either large or small. Most of it, however, was in the form of personal jewelry.


Cultural Means Of Expressing Wealth
Investing, giving and the wearing of beautiful gold jewelry is a tradition that is thoroughly ingrained in most of the cultures of this world. Vietnamese people still prefer to have gold as their preferred medium of exchange rather than mere paper.

In other parts of the world, such as India and China, there is a ceremonial significance of owning gold. Entire family inheritances are routinely passed on from one generation to another as a symbol of prosperity and inherited wealth.

Governmental Intervention
Historically speaking, governments with the floundering currencies search for ways to discourage the use of gold as money. In order to persuade the Vietnamese people to sell their gold holdings, either in bullion or jewelry, banks have been prohibited from paying interest on gold deposits and now charge a fee for the storage of gold.

India, the world’s largest gold consumer, has increased duties on gold bullion. In 1933, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt forced Americans to sell their gold bullion to the Federal Reserve and in effect banned Americans from gold ownership. The threat of government confiscation of gold is still a reality today.


Gold Jewelry: The Safety Factor
Historically, gold jewelry has never been threatened due to government intervention, as has gold bullion. To some people, it is merely considered a beautiful accessory and nothing more.
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Gold Jewelry: A Most Secured Investment
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