In terms of popularity, UTVs are some of the fastest-growing recreational vehicles on the market. But what if you aren’t sure how to join the masses? What if you need a little help in buying your first UTV? Here are just seven tips to make the decision easier.
1. Have A Budget

UTVs can get costly, especially if you’re modding or upgrading them with special features. Make sure you figure out your price range before you go shopping in order to avoid disappointment.

2. Know Your Needs

Are you looking for something sleek and fast that will send the wind pushing through your hair at 60mph? Or do you need a strong, sturdy workhorse for hauling cargo around your property?

3. Think About Engine Size

In the same vein as the above, engine size plays an important role in the utility of your UTV. Engines with 850cc are made for plowing, icing and farming while engines with 350cc are mostly made for casual riding.

4. Follow Industry Blogs

UTV blogs will tell you everything you need to know about UTV ownership. They’ll also have things like buying guides and featured rides to help you make a smarter decision when you’re in the market for UTVs.

5. Consider Safety

While the big brands come pre-tested for safety, it’s always a good idea to look into the specifics of how they’ll protect you out in the wild. Keep an eye open for things like handholds, safety harnesses and reinforced seat belts.

6. Count Your Passengers

Think hard about your future before you spend thousands of dollars on your UTV. Will you be okay with two seats, or do you ever see a scenario where you’ll need more? Do you think your sons would ever want to take a ride with you? Will your co-workers ever need a lift after a long day of construction work?

7. Don’t Forget the Law

Many states have regulations about what UTVs can be ridden and where. Certain mods might also be illegal for noise, safety or pollution reasons. Make sure you aren’t courting a date with the police when you buy your UTV.

These are just seven things to keep in mind when shopping for a side-by-side. They’re amazing vehicles, but you’ll need to be careful while browsing available models if you want to find the right one for you and get your money’s worth.
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Choosing the Right UTV For You
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