Transfer PayPal Money to BPI Account

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to transfer money from your Paypal account to your BPI (Bank of the Philippine Island) savings account? For anybody who has no idea about the procedure, or simply skeptical that your hard earned money might just get lost, well you are not alone with that. I had that feeling as well before, but since my Union Bank EON card expired and there is no way I could visit any Union Bank branch to renew my EON card as I am out of the country, so BPI is my last recourse. 
Prior the transaction, I did further research as well. However, to prove that BPI really works with my PayPal account, I then started transferring my online earnings to my BPI savings account. And the result? Boom! It was a great success! Take note, there is 150Php fee every transfer you make from PayPal to your BPI savings account. Unlike EON, you only pay once the annual charge which is 350Php. With my simple thought, I prefer EON of UnionBank, but as what I have said that I can’t renew mine so I am looking for another alternative. 

 What You Need
• BPI Savings Account 
• BPI Bank Code 
• PayPal Account

First, you add your BPI account to your PayPal account. PayPal will ask for a Bank code, and that BPI bank is found below.

BPI Bank Code
Once everything is all set, then you are ready to transfer. The procedure is still the same when you process with your EON card. And it takes 2-4 banking days. When you check your online bank statement, the transaction appears as Remittance. Well, the whole process is just so simple. As of now, it is what I’ve been using after knowing that I can’t enjoy anymore my preferable procedure.

My First Successful Transfer from PayPal to BPI Savings Account

Transfer PayPal Money to BPI Savings Account
To let you know, the net amount reflected on my PayPal Receipt which is 664.37Php became 514.37php when deposited to my BPI savings account because of the 150 transaction fee. Thinking of the charge, it is truly too much, but again, if you have the EON then that’s the best option. In my first transaction, as you can see, I just transferred that small amount because it was only a trial. If you want, could also try in a small amount first for you to feel comfortable. 
Transfer PayPal Money to BPI Account

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