We are looking for a Good, Professional French Tutor to teach our two children who are enrolled under the French Immersion class. We come up with this idea as parents who have very limited French words is so hard to teach the children, especially when it comes to constructing your sentences because you have to consider several factors, naming one, the grammar.
Personally, I am learning French own my own pace at home with several mind-cracking resources all over. I find it so hard than learning Spanish. Anyway, back to French tutor, we are in need one who lives close by, preferably Coquitlam range. Do you know anybody?
The Qualifications:
* Qualified as Teacher 
* Background Check
* Has Years Experience teaching 5-12 age children
* Will teach the BC Academic Subjects 
* Rate is $20/hour per child
*Will provide Homework

Wanted Good, Professional French Tutor: Coquitlam Area
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