There are many things that must be done when running an operation that sells wholesale products. Staff must keep track of inventory, figure out ways to keep costs manageable and ensure that customers are satisfied. Because so many products and customers are involved, accuracy and precision are vital. Fortunately, distribution software programs have been created to streamline all of these tasks, allowing business operations to run seamlessly.
Keeping Track of Inventory

When running a warehouse, it is absolutely imperative to keep track of inventory. When staffers know what is in stock, they will be able to quickly provide customers with the products that they request, ensuring 100 percent satisfaction. Furthermore, being familiar with what products are in inventory prevents staffers from ordering too much of the same items, saving companies significant amounts of money. Distribution programs simplify the process because they are equipped with bar code readers that enable warehouse staff to effectively and efficiently keep track of what is in stock so it can fill orders quickly and keep customers happy. Staff can also stop wasting money on products that are not turning over quickly in order to keep costs at a manageable level.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
Many distribution solutions now have full customer relationship management functionality integrated as part of the overall software suite. Customer relationship management platforms are important because they can help warehouse staff to ensure that customers are satisfied 100 percent of the time. Alerts can be set to allow staff to know when customers’ products are running low. When these alerts are received, staff can quickly take action by communicating with customers and seeing if they wish to replenish their orders. CRM applications will also enable warehouse workers to compare data so they can see when there is a decline in order activity and take measures to get customers interested in purchasing on a steadier level. 

The best distribution applications are the ones that are easy to configure and do not have an extensive learning curve. Additionally, the distribution enterprise solutions must be compatible with all industry types.

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Essential Factors of Distribution Software to Business Operators
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