I met a friend who once worked as a contracting operator at
Progressive Ltd. here in British Columbia. To work in this company, you are
paid through commission based on the company’s factors, I’ll state this later
below. Due to the needs of life, he (my friend) pushed through with the job
despite of the lack of detailed computation if how much exactly he would earn
per item that he deliver to the client. He happened to work before in Toronto
as same job, however it is in different company not the Progressive Ltd. And
based on his story he earned that much so he gamble again his time, effort and
For you to know, to work as an operator at Progressive you
need the following.
1. Own vehicle – you fuel it from your own pocket, you
need to change the insurance coverage to Class 13 “Delivery Use”. In addition
to that, you must have a minimum of $2,000 third party legal liability
2.  You need to obtain a municipal’s permit. The cost is $25.
3.  Obtain a Driver’s Abstract.
4. You need to rent the company’s radio device as the way
of communicating to them. Its cost is $37.50 per pay period. So that is $75 per
month since the operator or messenger gets paid twice a month.
5.  Buy yourself a hard hat, high visibility vest, safety
shoes and safety goggles. They require this since their clients are more on
construction areas.
6.   If your vehicle is a van or pick up you need a hand
cart, you can get this at Canadian Tire or Home Depot. The cost of this is
around $45. Again from your own pocket.
7.   The Progressive Messenger Ltd. Company will provide you
a 2 decal signs to put on your car. So watch out as you are also advertising
their company while you are on the road.
8.   You must have a Worksafe BC coverage at a rate of approximately
$25 per pay period.

Now the awaited moment- the factors in which your earnings being determined are enumerated below. .
The number of house you work.
How familiar you are with the place.
How quick you are at picking up new concepts
The number of deliveries you are able to complete.
Bear in mind that if you are interested to contract working
with this company, you will get paid in this cycle- work performed from the 1st
to 15th is paid at the end of the month and all worth performed from
16th to the end of the month is paid on the 15th of the
following month. So be careful, as to work with them you need to expense those
money from your own pocket. Name those, gas, vehicle insurance, gears, etc.
My personal thought towards this job is gas is so expensive for you to drive
around and find for your client esp. when you get lost. You can have a GPS device, but
telling you there are times that it will lead you to a different direction, based on our
I asked my friend if how much he spent on gas in a single
day, and he told me roughly $40. So do the math, for 10 days you are going to
spend $400 on gas. If you just started better make sure that you have enough
funds for gas because if you just newly started contracting with them you truly
need it. Apparently, you need to have $800 or more to spend for gas for the
entire month in order for you to continuously deliver those packages to the
Progressive clients. So what do you think? Think not only twice if you want to
pursue with this kind of thing.
To reveal more, my friend showed me his paycheck, he had a
net pay of $600 something for 9 working days and he’d spent almost $400 for gas.
Again folks, please do the Math if how much he earns. He worked there only for 2
weeks and that’s it! Why? Because it cost too much for him to buy a gas. He is happy that he quit there because he finds it not worthy enough.

If you knew somebody who are happy or sad working with
Progressive Messenger Ltd, please don’t hesitate to leave your comment below.
Thank you! 
Work at Progressive Messenger Ltd. as Operator, is it Worthy Enough?
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