It was Monday afternoon when I went to London Drugs Coquitlam Centre Branch to take back my ordered items –one of the coin banks has a defect, the stopper has a tear in it. Besides that, I was unhappy with the monogram result because the images were so blurry, supposedly I’d like them to have redone if the store allows it for a free of charge, however, after talking to the staff who assisted me and upon checking photos’ quality, he said I have to pay another charge which I decided not to and just forget the blurry result.

My images are clear but, the pixel is only 90 and the staff has told me that it must at least 150 but the ideal one is 300dpi. By the way, the monogram personalized coin banks are my Christmas gifts for my children, having each of their image appear on it.

London Drugs Bad customer service
Prior knowing that I have to pay if have the items redone, the London Drugs staff asked me if he could check my images being used. So I handed him my flash drive I took from my purse and plug it into their computer and looked at the pictures. Take note, he was using the computer inside their Photo counter where they accept a photo printing and other customized gifts or items. Since it’s month of December, there were a bunch of people in lined. And as three o’clock approaching, time to pick-up the kids in school, so I hurriedly grabbed the coin banks to hit the road and I didn’t realized that I didn’t able to ask the man to return my flash drive to me. He also didn’t bother to unplug it immediately from the computer after viewing my pictures.

Then at home on last Wednesday, I tried to update my blogs, I searched for my new flash drive (the one used at London Drugs) for photo posting, however I found nothing. I searched the purse I used during those previous days but still no flash drive found. I suddenly remember I used it on Monday, December 8 when I took the coin banks to the store. I was 100% sure that I had left the thing in there. So, since the kids were at the school at that time I quickly get changed without even bothering to take a shower. My heart was beating so fast. If I could only fly to the mall instead of walking for about six minutes I would have travelled that way just to know instantly that my flash drive is in good hands.

Sad to say that the person I’d like to see the one who used my flash drive wasn’t there. Maybe it was his day off. I spoke to the guy initially named Ja and he tried to locate it but it wasn’t there. I went home with mixed emotions and unanswered questions at that moment. I have told my husband about what happened. The next day I went to the store again and have spoken to the guy whom I expected to keep my flash drive safely. He had told me he put it in a bin beside the cash register, but in that bin it wasn’t there anymore. He searched all over, but unluckily he couldn’t find my stuff. At their photo counter they have a bin seems intended for the left item such as flash drives, CDs’ but why mine wasn’t there. Where did it go? I have also talked to Er’s (the initial name of the staff who assisted me on Monday) manager that such employee didn’t take proper action to my left item.

My item is simply a 32 GB flash drive, orange color in front and white in the back portion. It’s in bold color Orange so really eye-catchy. I have tons of photos stored in it of my kids and my entire family that I didn’t able to copy to my portable hard drive. There are important documents as well. So London Drugs Coquitlam Branch, is this how you handle left items of your customers? To the store managers or higher in ranks of London Drugs Coquitlam Branch, have you ever educate your lower rank employees on how to secure safely customers’ left items? I’m sure the customers who have forgotten their items in your store will be back for sure especially if so valuable things. In my case, it bothers me a lot because I am sure that I had left my item inside their counter.

Well, let say their staffs are not responsible to safely keep our left item, but thinking of the cause behind why the item was being left in their vicinity they should have done something right about it. Is it hard to put a single item in a small envelope or a piece of paper and label it a left item? I’m sure doing it wouldn’t consume a single minute of London Drugs Coquitlam Branch employee’s valuable time. What do you think?

On the other side, since Er (the employee’s initial name) didn’t bother to secure my flash drive safely, treated it just like leaving a pen in an open bin. I am pretty much sure that only London Drugs employees permitted to get inside their counter and absolutely no customers or outsiders! Please correct me if I am wrong folks. If nobody picked-up my precious Lexar flash drive it should still be there. Hmmm… a simple logic.

Let say another customer went there to claim his left flash drive after doing the transactions with them, do you think London Drugs Coquitlam Branch will just give any item without verification that certain customer really owns the thing? Oh, come on! This is only a basic thing to do.

To London Drugs Coquitlam Management, I don’t think that your employee thrashed my item just like that. Whatever the reason for its disappearance, hopefully one day the item would be handed back to me. I don’t care about the cost of my item, I bought it only around $40-$50 above your store, but what matters to me is its content. I prayed for it that it’s in a good hand by now. I hope London Drugs Management will make some effort to find my item. Honestly speaking, this bad customer service is leaving a scar on my stomach.
How London Drugs Employee Lost My Left Item?