Are you an avid Tim Hortons consumer who stop by every morning at any of their convenient outlet for breakfast? Or maybe you’re simply a coffee drinker of the store? Well, guys beware! 
Tim Hortons at their Canadian locations is going to increase their breakfast sandwiches in all Canadian provinces except Ontario, and as well as their coffee for about 10 cents, however this will vary by region. The increase will take effect beginning next Wednesday so you decide if your usual daily routine will be going to an end or must go on. 
My husband is a Tim Hortons costumer and with this news, I think the ritual still go on. Anyway, I will verify that from him.  

According to what I have read from Yahoo Finance– the source of my info, the “higher operating costs” is the major factor for this increase. 
Hmmm… everything is rising up nowadays! Hopefully the minimum wage will also increase.
By the way, below is an image I captured when I decided to follow the crowd inside Metrotown Mall asking for a free coffee from Tim Hortons. lol! I think it was around September when me and the  kids were strolling around the mall. Remember, free is good! 
Free Coffee
Honestly speaking, this was the first time I able to try their coffee.  

Beware Consumers: Tim Hortons’ Prices Will Soon Rise
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