It’s been a while already since we tenanted an apartment condo unit located close the Coquitlam Centre Mall. Because of the place, the renting value of the unit is so costly. Well, we have the choice to move out and find a cheaper one by the way, but we’re not doing it. We stick to it for now for some reasons. That would be revealed later.
So far, while renting our current space, we experienced unbearable scenarios within the building. By the way, the building comprises of 29 floors excluding the penthouse. We are now on the 20th floor after moving from the 29th floor. 
Since the time we stayed, these are the unbearable scenarios we experienced.

  • Marijuana smell. The smell from the hallway went inside our living room. It happened many times and a month after the issue about that posted  by the management on the bulletin board.
  • Unleashed Dogs. I remember one Chihuahua chased my son outside the building when the owner walked his unleashed dog on the sidewalk. It was horrible!
  • Dogs’ poop and vomit inside the elevator.  Dog owners didn’t care at all. They just left their dog’s waste inside without calling the building cleaner.
  • Dogs’ poop on the building sidewalk. There are dog owners who just walk their pets at the building’s sidewalk where there’s a small area of Bermuda grasses and let the pet poop there without picking it up. What do you think about these kind of dog owners folks? 
I’d like to attach herein the dog’s vomit I saw and captured recently, but it’s sickening to me. Hopefully soon we could find our own permanent dwelling. How about you folks, are you living in an apartment condo and experience the same thing as we do? 

Unbearable Scenarios Experienced in the Apartment Condo