Based on the Infographic found below, about the Small Business Survey presented by the California Bank, it denotes that the Small Business Optimism creates growth opportunities. Despite of the California drought and the challenges faced by the small business owners, yet 86% of them feels that their small businesses are directing to the right direction. In addition to that, 72% said that the rise of the minimum wage would have a neutral or positive affect on their business. 

 The Areas where Small Businesses Plan to Invest 
In terms of future investment plans, the survey reveals that the small business owners are planning more on using digital marketing to promote their businesses. And as the social media marketing still going strong in the industry, 60% of business owners are planning to invest in such marketing or promotional tool. Then followed by hiring new employees this year 2014. Nevertheless, aside from the mentioned leading areas of investing plans, the survey reveals that 38% are planning to conduct an International sale, which primarily to boost the company sales and the margin profit. 

 Financial Services and Needs 
On top of the foreseen future business growth, areas of investing plans, the California Bank survey shows that online and mobile banking services are being use in accessing account information, conducting transactions like payments and deposits, and for communicating with their banking representatives. 
For financial needs, according to the Infographic source below, 35% small businesses will need financing in the next 12 months, and 49% among of the respondents have chosen bank loans as their main source of the financing, in which competitive rates is their significant factor in selecting a loan provider than costumer service or the payment and term options.


Small Business Infograph 2013-2014 , California Bank and Trust
Presented by California Bank & Trust, Business Banking

The Revelation of 2014 California Small Business Survey
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