When it comes to planning a uniform program for your staff, there are many factors to consider. Studies have shown that the use of uniforms cuts down on distraction, improves employee morale and reduces turnover. Uniforms can ensure that all of your employees are dressed professionally and are a positive representation of the company. Starting a uniform policy is as simple as deciding what your staff will wear.
Uniform Colors

Uniform Colors
The colors you choose for your uniform will make a statement about your company’s mission and culture. In most cases, employers simply order uniforms in the company’s colors. In others, they choose colors that embody the tone of the organization. Banks and other financial institutions often choose uniforms in blue and green, colors that symbolize wealth and stability. 

Companies that wish to project an image of fun, youth and vitality often go with yellow, orange and red. These are warm colors that will send a message to your customer. There are color charts that will help you in determining the meanings behind certain colors and assist you in choosing the right one for your firm. 

Uniform Types

In addition to color, selecting the right type of uniform is crucial to creating the right impression at your company. Button up shirts and ties are more formal and are ideal for banks and other professional organizations. Polo shirts and tees are casual and perfect for employees at electronics stores, pet stores and other casual retailers. 

Uniform Accessories
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The accessories that you choose for your employee uniform will also convey an important message. Lapel pins make a great accent to sweaters and collared shirts. You can buy lapel pins in bulk and keep them on hand for times when you need to dress up a plain uniform. Ascots and ties also make excellent accessories and can be used with any combination of shirts. 

Name tags are an effective way to decorate a uniform while providing an added level of personalization to your customers. By supplying your customers with name tags, you will create an environment that encourages positive customer service. Name tags also create a sense of accountability among your staff and encourage productivity. 

When it comes to getting the best uniforms for your staff, design with your mission in mind. From polo shirts to slacks, sweaters and lapel pins, putting together the right uniform will create a positive image of your company.

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Choosing the Right Uniforms for Your Staff
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