I am in blogging for about five years already and I noticed that earning through it is becoming tougher and tougher. I am not the only one who sense that, but many of the bloggers out there. As a hobby that turns out as my number one source of earning is not totally bad after all despite of the time struggles that I have faced since then. 

Because of the several changes online, I have realized that maybe it’s time to venture e-commerce. I started gathering ideas so far about what to sell, which sites to sell and where to get my supplies. Money is another important aspect when selling. Well, is this my issue? Actually it is! But as a beginner, I will just start selling a few items and let’s see how things would turn into. I am a bit thrilled for my plans. 

Maybe I will be a stay-home-mom for another several years in the future, so this move might be a good one for me to venture e-commerce. Actually, we will never know the outcome of the things we would like to happen until we’ve tried it. And since I have bought a domain that just sitting around so I will be using it for my e-commerce business. 

Folks, if you are in the online selling business, what would like to share with those who are planning to venture it like myself? Any tips perhaps? I know I need to learn a lot of things about this, your inputs will surely be helpful to me. 
To Venture e-Commerce Might Be the Right Move
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