When it comes to losing weight, you will need every tool at your disposal to make your weight loss journey a success. There are many great online applications and offline tools that you can use to track your progress and stay on track. 
Weight Loss Tools

Calorie Counting Apps and Food Journals

Tracking your caloric intake is one of the best ways to keep your weight loss goals on track. There are many online journals that will allow you to enter your meals, track your calories and adjust your food intake. With many of these food journals, you can enter a food before you eat it and see if it will fit into your caloric budget. 


Walking provides excellent health benefits and can be instrumental in your quest for weight loss. Fitness experts recommend walking 10,000 steps each day for maximum results. The best way to measure your steps is with a pedometer. These small devices clip onto your belt or shirt and will count each step you take. You can get pedometers here and use them during the course of your day. Increase your steps by taking the stairs at work, parking a little farther away and walking and taking strolls in the park after dinner.
Heart Rate Monitors

Aerobic exercise is any movement that increases your heart rate and gets the blood pumping to your major organs. A heart rate monitor is an excellent tool for measuring the effectiveness of your aerobic workouts. You can find heart rate monitors online or at retailers that sell fitness equipment. Clip them onto your clothes while you take a fitness class or go for a run on the treadmill to see just how hard you are pushing it in your workouts. 

Workout Gear

Although they are low-tech tools, having the right workout gear can go a long way in helping you to reach your fitness goals. Athletic shoes will support your feet and help you to run faster and work out longer. Moisture wicking fabrics will keep you from overheating during your workouts. Sports bras and tank tops provide much-needed support for women during exercise. Simple tools like bicycles can also help you to reach your weight loss goals faster and with less effort. 

When it comes to fighting fat and winning, there are many tools that will help you in your quest. From pedometers to sneakers, arm yourself with the right tools today.

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The Right Tools to Aid in Weight Loss
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