How cool is that buying a drink from a fast food business with a hair strand included? Where’s the proper hygiene in this? From what I know, in such kind of business, hair restraints must be worn by all persons in the preparation and service of food. Through this, the hair keeps from food contact surfaces and out of food. But, hey, wait a minute. What can you say about this scenario, a dollar drink, we bought from McDonald Chilliwack, BC branch has a long blonde hair stuck on its glass? 
Actually, I didn’t notice it right away because I was so thirsty, I just made a sip immediately. I was almost done eating the junior burger from A&W, so what do you expect? The good thing folks, is that the hair was not in the inside of the glass, because if so, I’ll be so disappointed. Think of the lice floating in the drink you are drinking? Isn’t the situation almost the same thing? 

I told my husband that the hair is not mine because I have a
black hair, while the one stuck was a blonde hair. Hmmm… Isn’t McDonald strict
with their employees proper hygiene? Honestly, this incident reminds me the old
stories that some restaurants bugs were being found within the ordered food. Well, that’s
absolutely disgusting! So do you check every food you order prior munching them?

McDonald’s Dollar Drink Has Free Long Blonde Hair