A dollar of flip flop? Oh yes, I got the best deal of flip flops ever! My husband was the one who informed me about the Old Navy’s flip flops sale. The store opens at 7am, and as what have been advertised it’s only a limited supply. So to surely grab ours, we get up from bed early on that day. I took the kids with me since my husband has a work. 
Cheap Flip FlopsOur apartment is just about 5 minutes walk to the mall so we arrived without any hassles to the store. As soon as we get it to the store we then started digging the boxes. Lol! Of course the kids also grab for their own. It was fun, even my nose was a bit comfortable with the smell of the rubber. In all, we got 22 pairs of flip flops. Ha ha ha! Isn’t that much folks? With these purchased, I don’t need to buy flip flops in a couple of years for my family. The original cost of each flip flop by the way is $4.94, so for a buck is such a good steal, isn’t it? Have you also grabbed yours, folks? 
Early Riser Gets A Dollar Flip Flop
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