As a gardening enthusiast like me who lives in a four season country with expensive real estate, owning a bigger piece of land so I can pursue my gardening hobby is difficult to achieve. With our limited patio space, I can only do gardening when the weather starts getting warmer in the few weeks before the spring season ends. Since I seriously want to continue my stress relieving hobby throughout the whole year, I’m eager to explore possible garden project options that will be perfect for my situation. 

After having looked at DIY greenhouses, I think the aluminum frame, mini hinge or sliding door will be ideal for my plants and herbs as it is designed for limited spaces like ours. DIY greenhouses are excellent choices for many reasons. They are:

• Durable and strong – able to withstand wind and snow
• Warm and secure  – perfect for herbs, spices and sprouts
• A pleasurable hobby area – for true gardening enthusiasts
• Perfect for healthy gardening – to grow vegetables without chemicals or spray

Whether you are an urban gardener with limited space or the owner of an expansive vegetable patch, there are many different styles that can satisfy your needs. Some of the greenhouse options available are:

• PVC Frame (Single or Double Doors) – this is ideal for those who have a bit of backyard space
• Aluminum Frame (Mini Hinged or Sliding Door) – this is best for those with limited space
• PVC Frame (Sun Lounge) – perfect for easy access or small areas
• Aluminum Frame (Large or Medium) – this is a classic style with plenty of room

Aside from the advantages I have mentioned above, a DIY greenhouse is also easy to set up. For more details, you can watch the video above.

DIY Greenhouses: Looking at Possible Garden Project Options
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