For individuals who are not fully acquainted yet about
Rosetta Translation despite of its popularity, it is an integrated,
multilingual language solution specialist that is headquartered in London, UK.
They specialize in high-quality translations for corporate clients, including
financial translation, such as financial statements, audit documents, etcetera,
both for corporates and financial institutions.

Financial Translation Service
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As financial translation is one of Rosetta Translation’s
specialties, expectedly, they have a wide range of experience throughout the
whole financial service industry, starting banking, i-banking and insurance to
asset management.
In addition, the company’s translators are highly
professional skills to handle the job, meet the deadline project in an impeccable
standard. And as a matter of fact, AIG, European Investment Bank, Moneygram,
Lehman Brothers, Royal Bank of Scotland, National Australia Bank, National Bank
of Kuwait, JP Morgan are just some of their recent financial services clients.
So to ensure you will acquire the high quality result, entrust your financial
translation to the expert financial translators.

Lastly, Rosetta Translation has local offices in London,
Shanghai, New York, Paris or Luxemburg where you can get a free instant
quote. So feel free to get your quote whenever you may feel
Why Choose Rosetta Translation in Financial Translation Service
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