Teen Suing Parents, Are You Kidding Me? 

I almost choked watching the CNN News yesterday about the daughter suing her parents for evicting her from their house and cutting her financial support. The teen, named as Rachel Canning, 18, voluntarily left the house and live in her friend’s house  after not following the rules, according to her parents. 
Now, Rachel, is suing her parents for the financial support that has been discontinued because she’s stubborn. It says in the news that she has a boyfriend and her parents are disapproved with that guy. Well, if the guy is a good influence to their daughter, do you think the parents will be against with their relationship? As a mother, I think not! 

This early morning, I saw both parties appeared in the court for the hearing. The parents who were so emotional. As of now, there’s no judgement yet by the juror about the case as it is still on going, but I will give you an update as soon as I can get one.
Teen Suing Her Parents for Cutting Financial Support
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