Professional networking is a very useful tool for anyone involved in a
business or corporation. Online networks are available to allow people
from various professions to connect on a professional scale. High
ranking executives and sales people can all post professional profiles
on networking websites. Some people may be surprised to find major heads
of companies on networking sites that usually appeal to lower level
workers within a company. Activision Bobby Kotick is an example of a
successful executive that uses professional networking websites to
connect with others.

Networking websites have very simple designs that allow people from any
industry to make connections. A professional profile consists of a photo
and a brief description of current job positions. A summary section
allows users to write about their own professional background in depth.
An experience section includes all previous job titles. A skills section
lists all of the specialties of a user. Of course, a user’s educational
background is also featured on a professional profile in networking
sites. Limited contact information is usually available on a profile
page of a user. An email forwarding system automatically directs
messages from a networking website to a user’s personal email.
Sometimes, users can also communicate with each other through the
messaging features offered at the networking sites. Giving out phone
numbers and addresses is usually not recommended on public profiles that
can be viewed by anyone.

In the age of the internet, paper business cards seem a bit outdated.
Executives and other successful business people can simply give out
links to professional profiles on networking websites. These days, any
business professional usually has internet access on Smartphones, and
even regular mobile phones. Therefore, giving out “digital” business
cards saves executives plenty of precious time in making introductions
and explaining professional experience to potential business partners.
In fact, some professional profiles can be downloaded in an app format.
Such apps allow anyone to quickly view detailed information of an
executive of business person without searching online and browsing
through multiple web pages.

Professional networking sites also have very useful features for finding
other workers that are employed in the same company of an executive. For
example, the profile of an executive may have links or suggestions of
other employees that work for the same company. Surely it is helpful for
someone to view detailed information about the type of workers that are
managed under a high ranking executive.

A professional profile on a networking website can also have some
relevant personal information. For example, an executive may mention
information about his family, such as wife and children. Such information
can make an executive more favorable in the eyes of potential business
partners or ordinary workers that may be interested in working for the
executive’s company. Additionally, a professional resume can also list
any activities within charity organizations and other non business
related ventures. For example, an executive may want to share
information about his or her involvement in directing a local art
gallery or museum. Similarly, many executives proudly share their
affiliation with nonprofit organizations that focus on different causes
such as medical research on cancer. Some professional networking sites
also allow users to post personal videos that can be used as press
releases to introduce high ranking executives and promote a particular

Using Professional Networking Tools Online
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