My first shopping experience with ShowCase (Coquitlam Centre)
– the home of the hottest trends was so disappointing. I did not know that they
will not return the shoppers’ money back once they will change minds or
whatever possible reasons. I shopped in the store on Black Friday so there were
lots of people inside. When I am in a hurry  and new to the store I don’t actually read whatever
signage placed on the cashier’s counter, all I usually do is pay and ask few
questions directly to the person I deal with especially with their rules for
return or exchange items.
In my case, I returned the item I bought and I was expecting
to get my money back including the insurance fee of the item that I paid. I was
waiting for the guy- who introduced as a store manager as he personally do the
cashiering to return my money back. I wonder why he took forever doing the
transaction where I know that the process will just take a short while. As he
gets done he handed to me a Card. I asked him, “What is that?” Then I saw a big
Gift Card label in front. I was really shocked at the highest level, as in my
whole life I never received a store gift card as an exchange for a returned
item. The guy added, “That will not expire!” Well, who cares? I need the money
back! Then he pointed the store policy placed on their counter. Everything is
unexpected to me as most stores I shop around BC will 1000% return my money
back for return items.
What I did after reading their policy? I told him I’ll just
get my item back so he transacted it again, and we (with my kids) left the
store quickly before I will totally burst inside. When we get home I checked my
receipt and there’s no more insurance fee that I paid for $4. He didn’t
transact it. Now, aside from I didn’t get my money back, I also lost my $4 which
is I considered a big loss from my pocket. Of course, as a mother who is into
couponing, blogging for a cause and cost-cutting as much as possible, shopping
experience like what I had experienced recently is like a trauma.
If you will ask me if I have the plan to go back shopping in
that store? My simple answer is negative 100%! By the way, before I forget, the
guy suggested me to shop at Target! Hilarious! I admit, it was also my fault
for not twisting my head and read all what’s written in their counter at that
time, but hopefully they will also inform their new faces customers about their
store return policies or even bother to include it in their receipts. Sorry
guys, I don’t write long as this but now I am just sharing and expressing myself and thoughts over this scenario.

ShowCase: Home of the Hottest Trends Will Not Return Your Money Back
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