I am a window shopper by nature. I love to stroll around the mall with my kids or by myself even from back home. I spent more money on taxi going to SM Cebu and Ayala than doing the real shopping. As a stay-at-home mother I have the control of my time so I can do such activity. Before going a bit further can you guess which Canadian store I captured the image above? For a clue, it begins with an S and ends with the letter S. Can you make a guess?

Now that we moved to the island of BC (British Columbia) my window shopping style has changed. It has been minimized even though our apartment is just 5 minutes close to the mall. Well, there’s no more housekeeper to help me do the home chores, help take care of the kids and other errands. Despite of my seldom mall visit I am still very vigilant with the store activities, sale events and most of all the business status in the industry. I love to hear business rumors that is where I also learn something new. 

Speaking of business rumors, lately I have read about the story of Sears -one of the shopping stores in America, why the business slows down, about this and that issue. Yahoo is my favorite news carrier, there I got the news and have read the people’s comments as well. I just came here in BC not quite long time but I observed a lot in terms of the business aspect.
Anyway, back to Sears I have a snapshot posted above which I took just recently. Let me know if what thought do you have for the
scene. I quickly captured it while on the way to the cashier, in short the cluttered on the floor is fronting the cashier booth/customer service section as it’s been fused into one based on what I know. It seems one staff tried to replenish the stocks in the area but all of a sudden she’d left without finishing her work, and let the area cluttered while their customers are passing by this section. Hmmmm… No wonder why…

Guess Which Canadian Store I Captured the Image
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