In this very competitive world where almost every aspect of
life competes, it seems I need to strive further to the extent where I never have
been before. Despite of missing various trendy lifestyles where most people are
up to, here I am slowly crawling and feeling motivated to do new interesting
things that surrounds me. The main question is, what are those interesting
things that persuade me much? Sadly to say, I don’t have the whole day to
enumerate all and shout to the world the things that my heart has captured lately.

To make things short, getting a few minutes of my precious
time getting engaged in video games is one of those interesting things. I
believe it won’t totally steal my whole day like some people are up to that
sometimes have forgotten their primary priorities. I’m not yet in full action
by the way, I am still gathering facts on how these things began. I want to
know the major benefits of the developer behind creating different video games.
As usual it is a business and as the world knows, the business operates for a profit.
The popular GTA V- an open world action adventure video game amazes me as it
hits the $1 Billion sales just within 3 days after its release. Could you
imagine that? This game was developed by Rockstar North and published by
Rockstar Games.
GTA V is a famous game but how come I just met the word
yesterday? Thanks to a friend of mine who introduced it to me. For sure she’ll
invite me one day to play with her together with our other friends since the
online multiplayer mode can be played up to 16 players. Isn’t it is very
interesting? Probably there must be more new social games out there that I didn’t know yet. Would you like to introduce
it to me the one you know?
In playing games I think the more players engage the
merrier. Anyway folks, before I will finally be hitting the loads of work, I think
I will give mushroom kombat a try.
Let’s see if this can make my almost sleeping senses awake.

Work and Games Together they Stand
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