Shipping PoliciesUnless you’re selling virtual products, shipping products will be part of your eCommerce business. While most eCommerce businesses simply pack up their products and ship them off, you should look for ways to make your shipping policies encourage customers to come back. Here are some of the best ways that you can accomplish this.


Offer Clear Return Policies


Don’t take the easy way out and only include the information about the return policies on your website. Print off a copy of the return policies and put them in each package. It does not cost much, and it makes it easier on your customers. The added benefit is that your customers cannot claim that you were not clear in the return policies. This works particularly well when you must be strict about returning certain items. Make sure that important details are bolded or highlighted to draw the customers’ attention to them.


Include a Free Gift


Offer free gifts that are connected to you or the location. For instance, when shipping Australia, you might include something that is connected to Australia. If that is too complex, then offer just a simple free gift that’s associated with your business. Some businesses maximize on this by including free samples of other products. Teavana, for instance, includes a free sample of their raw rock sugar as well as four ounces of the tea of the month. This way, their customers get a gift and yet also get the chance to try something that they might not have otherwise purchased. This alone makes your customers more likely to try additional products.


Protect the Goods


Few things are more frustrating for customers than receiving their packages and finding that the goods have been damaged or broken. Careless packaging reflects badly on the business sending the goods. Make sure that you avoid this problem entirely by taking steps to protect the goods as best you can. Pack them above and beyond industry standards. The attention to detail and care will come through to your customers.


Include a Thank You Note


Old fashioned courtesy and manners are fading, so individuals who use some form of them make quite an impression on others. While it’s true that your customers are receiving the benefit of your goods, you are the one who needs them to return. Include a thank you note, thanking your customer for her business and expressing the hope to do business again soon. You don’t have to write these by hand, although that might be a nice touch for especially regular customers.


Shipping is something that most eCommerce stores must handle. However, you can make this something that increases your reputation with your customers and makes it more likely that they will return. Make sure that your return policies are clear so that your customers can follow them. Include a free gift for your customers as well. Make sure that all packages are properly packaged and the goods protected. And for a nice added touch, include an old fashioned thank you note.


Help Your Shipping Policies Increase Your Sales
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