I migrated one of my Blogger blogs to WordPress days ago by myself through the tutorial I found online. Supposed to be I’ll be venturing this different blogging life a long time ago but I was really hesitant as it will cost me more money, from self-hosting, domain and some other expenditures plus the expertise which I don’t actually possessed. 
I only have a limited knowledge about WordPress and that covers only in posting a post, plugin installation and other basic things. When it comes to CSS and other codex or whatever term for the coding I don’t have an idea. So what made me determined to push through the plan of moving a blog to WordPress? Hmmm… I have realized that if I will not try I will not know if how tough a single thing is. On that very day I was really determined and I am glad I made the choice. Although there were tons of oohs and ahhhs during the transition of my Blogger blog. But thanks God I finally almost over. Everything went right except a certain trouble that no matter how good and fast research I did I couldn’t find the answer online. Remember I was just depending on the online guide in doing all these things.
My problem is when I click my archive through google it direct me to my site but “Not Found” Message appears. 
To give you an example I click this link when I Google my site.
After clicking it since it’s an archive link it redirects me to this page below, not Found! 
Folks, do you know how to resolve this issue? Could you help me? I have already researched about creating .htaccess file as some online help have advised others to do it but I don’t have an idea how do it. By the way this link is one of my guide for all this transition. 
I already followed the Blogger 301 Redirect and have done as well the Permalinks procedure but still no luck.
To anyone who could guide me the right direction I will be featuring his blog  in my sidebar into these 2 blogs www.jovdavid.com and www.travelersfootsteps.com. Do you think that’s fair enough for the help you could offer me? 
Your help guys is very much appreciated.
Why Blog Archive Not Found in WordPress after Moving from Blogger? I Need Help