In the past weeks I sent some money to a giveaway sponsor that I recently have joined. What happened was when I transacted the payment through PayPal I couldn’t find anymore the option of sending as a “Gift” as I used to do when I send money to my chosen giveaway sponsors. I spent almost an hour searching that word Gift in PayPal but unfortunately is found nowhere. Of course I Google it and followed the instructions online but still no luck to find it.
Maybe I am just so behind with the news that PayPal removed such option already for a long time. Well, if so I should also find that news spreading online but not as well. I haven’t contacted the company yet and maybe I’ll do that sooner or later when I do the sending of money again. Anyway, have you tried the same thing folks when you make transactions?

By the way, in some other PayPal related matter I recently read about the guy named Reynolds who accidentally received $92 quadrillion being transferred by PayPal. Isn’t it an instant richness? But the worst scenario is PayPal requested him to renew his credit card attached to his PayPal account. Hmmm…think about what would be the next episode.

Send As a Gift in PayPal is Nowhere to Find
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