I just emailed while ago the customer service of UnionBank Philippines regarding my cyber account log-in issue that has been bothering me for months already. I can’t log-in online due to invalid transaction password. Since the validity of my password has expired it requires me to change to a new one but no matter how many times I read the instruction in changing it I am 100% that I did follow it right but how come I won’t be able to change it? This is so weird! I also encountered such hassles the very first time I applied for an EON card. The one I have right now is the 2nd card after the expiration of the 1st.
For this issue every time I withdraw my money from my PayPal I can use online anymore to check if my money has successfully transferred already from PayPal to my EON account. What I did is just the estimation process. It seems I am back to the old days. I am counting only the days from when my PayPal transfer has completed then after that I have to wait at least 2 days as that’s when usually the money sent to the card and then ready for withdrawal. Since I am using it in Canada through CIBC bank so the withdrawal fee is $2 which is hurting my neck every time I do the transaction. 
So from this very moment I am waiting for another chance that my mail can receive an attention. This is the 2nd time around.
Counting the Days of UnionBank’s Customer Service Response
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