Regular visits to the dentist for the dental check-up or other dental needs is really so expensive if there is no dental insurance or plan. I’m sure you know how important it is to have a healthy teeth to our daily lives. 
I am glad that my husband’s employer covers the dental insurance and since he has a new employer so he just newly activated and chosen the right dental plan. It was last year when our kids had the last dentist visit, it is about 10 months now so as soon as the plan got activated we set the appointment for the 3 of us and that will be next week a day after the Canada Day. I’ve spoken to the dentist’s secretary and she says my daughter needs another X-ray since she had it last year and she has some teeth filling to be done. We are looking forward to that moment where our children’s tooth problem get fixed. 
In terms of savings, it says that we are going to pay about 10% because the insurance company will pay the 90% dental expenses. Well, isn’t that a huge savings for our family? 
Dental Insurance is Now Back on Track | Why It’s a Must?
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