Women in nature are more skin conscious compared to men. They are willing to cross mountains and valleys just to attain the beauty that they have been craving for. Meaning, willing to spend thousands of dollars for beauty enhancements. 
A few months ago I was on the 10th waiting list in the public library’s borrower who wants to borrow the book authored by Debra Jaliman- a top New York Dermatologist, entitled SKIN RULES. And just last week I got the turn to finally read it and absorbed its thoughts from my skin down to the deepest part of my intestine. Lol! So obviously, skin has rules? Actually I just started getting conscious of my skin when I looked at my face in the mirror one time and saw unwanted lines and dull look.
Actually the book has 77 Skin Rules but I’ll just impart to you the 12 top and easy rules. So let’s begin ruling our skin.

  Rule # 1: Don’t Waste Money on Expensive Cleaners– Spend it on moisturizers, sunscreens, and   anti-aging products instead.

   Rule # 2: The Right Cleanser is Key– For dry, sensitive, or normal skin, buy a cleanser that is mild and won’t strip the natural oils, ex. Neutrogena Extra Gentle Clean and Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.
    Rule # 3: Makeup Removal and Cleansing are not the Same
  Rule # 4: Wash Your Face Correctly– How? Use cotton pads or rounds or a fresh washcloth every    time you wash your face . Don’t scrub, just rub gently particularly around the neck and the nose. 
Rule # 5: Remove Makeup Before Going to Sleep- Never go to bed without cleansing your face. If you don’t the result will be clogged pores and breakouts.
Rule # 6Cleanse Every Morning and Every Evening – In the morning cleanse face before putting toner (if you need it), then apply moisturizer or sunscreen. In the evening, same thing all over again, don’t forget to apply a serum or anti-aging cream after cleansing.
 Rule # 7: Exfoliate – Exfoliate on a daily basis with your cotton washcloth or a disposable cotton pad and a cleanser. You can also use the machine for this ritual such as Clarisonic if you have one.
 Rule # 8: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, Use a Daily Moisturizer with Sun Protection
  Rule # 9: It’s the Sun that Ruins the Skin not the Age
Rule # 10: Vitamin D is Good but Not when it Comes from the Sun–  If not get it enough from food, the cheaper, easier and effective is through daily supplement. 
  Rule # 11: Choose Sunscreens Carefully and Learn which Ingredients are right for you
  Rule # 12: Buy Physical Sunscreens that are White not Clear
The 12 Skin Rules to Have a Beautiful Skin
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