As everyone knows, home improvement doesn’t only makes the
property appealing but  upsurge as well its
worth. Once design very well, utilize every angle of the house, has good
materials placed on,  absolutely many
buyers will be fascinated to buy the property.
Reminiscing in my homeland, prefabricated homes are on the
rise in many villages. The developer sells the units through Pag-ibig Fund,
bank financing and in-house financing. The units are bare and in fact most buyers
will do the finishing touches such as putting in flooring, division or
partition of rooms and lighting fixtures. Actually it is truly a lot of work for
the buyers but in this case they can choose the interior designs they want. The
term most people I heard calling home project like this is called the low cost

  The image below was the fruit of our first home renovation challenge conducted 3 years ago, and every month we receive its juice- the monthly rental.


Home improvement like what we had been through in our first
unit was such a big challenge to us. Primarily in terms of financial factor.
But the bottom line was done already and hubby and I gave two thumbs-up
simply for ourselves for the hard-work. Next in line is another upcoming major
renovation of the 2nd unit that has been left behind and tenanted in
just a very low price. Well, better than no income totally, right?

In the coming months, we’ll be experiencing again a financial stretching since we would like to raise the income value of the 2nd unit. However, prior to all the work, I will take a look at first Acadian Flooring America for their  enormous beautiful flooring designs. This store is selling my favorite flooring type which is the hardwood. 
Someday, somehow, hopefully my family would be able to settle permanently in a home that we can call ours in a nice, friendly neighborhood community here in North America. It’s a motherly wish!
Home Renovation Challenge
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