1ShoppingCart was founded in 1999, and their focus is
centered around online store software. The company’s purpose is to provide the
best possible online tools to enable small and large businesses to achieve
success online. It also has a goal of achieving extreme excellence in customer
service. For this reason and many others, 1ShoppingCart.com has over 25,000
businesses that depend on them. Many of them began as small start-ups, but they
are now multi-million dollar enterprises.
1ShoppingCart has a simple formula for their success. They
offer software that manages of parts of an eCommerce company. Its purpose is to
reduce all operational costs while, at the same time, increase efficiency. It
is integrated with online marketing goals.

The company has discovered that their customers do not want
to have to deal with multiple software products because many of these are
disconnected. They are more than happy to have only one system, and
1ShoppingCard gives them a highly-effective product. 1ShoppingCart has a team
that has headquarters in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, which is about an hour’s
drive from the major metropolis of Toronto. In addition, the company has
partnered with a variety of solution providers in the United States. Both
strands of operation offer their customers an extremely high level of service
and security.
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