Hi ladies! Are you in the mood of deep cleansing your face
but don’t know yet what to use? Why don’t you try assembling this natural deep
cleansing formula to make your face look and feel so clean? The ingredients are
available directly from your own kitchen, so gathering them won’t give you that
pain in your stomach.
Coating your face like what I did to draw out impurities and
unclog pores is extremely worth doing. My face feels good and relax after this beauty ritual. In fact, I consider this as my do-it-yourself home health care maintenance. Anyway, to start with, you need to gather the stuffs you need as mentioned below.
[me in the making]
What you need:

¼ cup mashed strawberry

3 tbsp. plane yogurt

1tbsp. rice flour or nut that’s been ground into powder
Instructions: Mix everything in a bowl or any container you
may feel comfortable using with. Then, smooth the paste on your face avoiding
your eyes and chill out for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water afterwards.
D-I-Y: Deep Clean Your Face Using Basic Elements Right from Your Kitchen