The construction of the tallest building in Coquitlam, BC started a month after we moved in the City. This building in the image is just beside the building where we reside so it is very transparent to our eyes especially the people working on throughout the rain as we have lots of rain here for months.
I am not actually impress when they say this will be the tallest residential building around Coquitlam City since I have seen personally those tall buildings in Hong Kong, that when you look at them it looks like the people living on it are so close to heaven. Once this building will be done it will be blocking our sight for the views we currently enjoying. I’ve heard its price range is from $260,000 CAN per unit with 2 bedrooms. Buying a unit so close to everything (shopping mall, schools, parks, etc.) and rent it out is such a big hit. It is definitely a big investment to count on.

The Tallest Building in Coquitlam, BC