Do you find the fire alarm annoying sometimes? Last night we woke up at the middle of the night due to the false alarm we heard in our apartment. I admit, every time I hear it I can’t avoid not to get fright. Fire alarm really drives me nuts! Last night, actually hubby was the first one who heard the alarm. Then I hurriedly get up from bed and by body started shivering. Since I had a baby myself turned like a rattling snake which I don’t know why. 
Few minutes from the fire alarm started cracking our heads the firetrucks arrived. Well, we just observed the beat of the sound and we didn’t go down right away from the 29th floor to the ground floor. Could you imagine the stairs going down folks? As what I have said we were just observing at first because we don’t like to happen again what happened in the couple of months that my husband went down using the stairs from the 29th floor and to his dismay it was only a false alarm. The worst thing here is it did not only happens twice but many times already. Soon we have to find out this scenario why keeps occurring.
The Annoying Fire Alarm