Mostly women love to plant and I am one of them. The problem in my part is we don’t have that space in the house. If God would blessed us with my ideal house someday, a house with a big yard that would be great. For sure I will be endlessly enjoy planting fruits and vegetables. So those individuals who currently have the yard that I ever wanted they are so lucky.

Anyway, for those human beings who are craving for planting space I think this tower garden might be the ideal one. I saw it during the exhibit which we went to the last weekend and I like it a lot. Hubby likes this too because of its 20 planting spaces. It can be put in the balcony and as a matter of fact during winter you can put it inside your house depending on the plants being planted.

Look at this, there is a squash, basil, tomato, lettuce, cabbage and so many others. Oh, this is so perfect. If I’ll have this I can just pick a fresh herbs and veggies in my balcony. lol! Hmmm… For sure my lungs will be jumping for joy! But, there’s a big but and that’s the price. It cost $600 for cash. If installment the cost of this tower garden is $60/month for 18 months (sigh).

Two more things, this tower garden doesn’t needs soil only the water and you can use this for 20 years according to the lady we had talked to for its details. So what can you say about it folks? Do you like it?

The Tower Garden
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2 thoughts on “The Tower Garden

  • September 2, 2012 at 1:09 am

    It's nice to have tower with plants that can grow vertically. They use that concept in the Forest dome in Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

    • October 20, 2012 at 4:59 pm

      Oh is that right? I'll try to check out with that in the internet because I haven't heard of that yet in Singapore.

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