Yesterday was a long day for us. We waited for so long just to be screened my mother’s documents by the staff of DFA for her passport application. Her number was 459 and got entertained around 5pm. We arrived at the office 10am already that’s why she got that 3 digits number. Whew! Anyway below is an screenshot taken by my son outside the office.

Despite of the long wait we had, I am still glad even though we need to come back because I noticed that after 10 years since the very first time I applied for my passport their office is now in different location, which is Pacific Mall, Mandaue. People won’t be sweating because it is now fully-airconditioned unlike their old office, hot and too tiny space. 
So while waiting for mama’s turn we were window shopping, had lunch, play at the World of Fun and took a nap. The kids were tired after having their nap so it’s coloring time again!
                                              This is my entry for MYM.
A Long Time Wait at the DFA Office