Kids are first fascinated with the outside appearance of anything and I have proved that already to my kids. My son is a picky eater that’s why the mother is getting crazy thinking of food to feed him so he will eat. 
Every time I bring son to the Supermarket he often picks something for himself and put in the basket. The last time he accompanied me he was so miserable to get this “Hello Panda biscuit.” I know he’s only attracted to the packaging, the drawing, and he won’t eat it so I said NO! But he insisted that he will eat it so added to the bill then.

As soon as we arrived home he opened it and there the rejection started, which is not new to me anymore. Above all, my point in this post is that the packaging plays a very important role in marketing strategy especially to the kids’ eyes since at their young age mostly can’t read and just take a look only at the picture.
He Badly Wants Hello Panda because of the Packaging Strategy
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One thought on “He Badly Wants Hello Panda because of the Packaging Strategy

  • March 18, 2012 at 11:03 am

    That's a sale technique! Different is the picky attitude of the child. Don't neglect that negative attitude of your child. It will be a big problem in the long run, when it is unattended tactfully.

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