I admit, I posted here before that I was determined to go back to blogging, but I was mistaken. Sorry my dear friends. I lost my motivation to push myself to write and continue earning cents online. I lost tasks from my pay per post advertisers due to my laziness. Some of my blogs were also suspended because of the unusual things that I did. It was really my fault, I didn’t deny it actually. In fact, I straightened it.

It’s been months I’ve been looking for a deep motivation to drive me nuts again to blog. Just 2 days ago right after talking to my husband I got a deep reason why I need to continue blogging while hubby is not around. I really need to focus on that reason (sigh).

So by now I think this is the start. Tonight I’m going to clean and organize the files saved on my computer. Before I forget, even though I am back online I still set my limitations and priorities especially when it comes to my kids and my sleeping time every night. My longest time to be up is only until 11 pm, and no more beyond that.

Pushing Myself Once Again
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  • February 8, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    maau paka, ako gana2 rasad

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