Son had surpassed his first semester in school with physical trials. He was sickly and hospitalized few months ago due to his illness. It was really tough for him during those times. As a mother seeing him with his condition made me cry and so worried. I am thankful that he able to surpassed those unwanted health condition. Being sickly is the reason why son is always absent from the class. He is a smart kid, except of his being stubborn and won’t listen to me. Anyway, he’s still 3 yrs. old.

Last Saturday I went to the school to get son’s report card. As I saw his absences and the report regarding his attitude I wasn’t shock anymore because his teacher already told me about it when I asked her before bout the performance of my son in school. Disciplining my kids by myself is actually really hard. Anyway, hubby will arrive soon so he can help me in doing that part.

Have Seen Son’s Report Card
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