This month of December is a great time for anyone to shop because of the big discounts to be given away. Just by the first week of the month the malls here were having big sale event. They had plenty of promotional products waving for the shoppers to buy. I was there especially the midnight sale. I joined the people wide awake falling in line at the cashier lane to pay the few items I found in good deal. Majority I bought are for my kids and for my parents only. This Christmas season I only purchased a pair of earrings as my personal gift. If you are married and have kids you will know what I am talking about. Kids are usually given a priority. But I am enjoying shopping for my children. The feeling is so great. It’s like a fulfillment if you shop something for your kids.

Yesterday I went to the mall nearby and they’re having their “Year End Sale” till tomorrow. It’s nice to shop again look for some bargains but it’s not my priority this time, I have an unfinished project that need to be done next week and of course money is involved. So no more shopping for me till I’ll get over with the project.

Shop for Less!
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